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PAUL M. RHODES, Consultant

Creative genius. Think tank extraordinaire.

Paul went to Montana State University in 1999 to study Electrical Engineering.  Having already taken high level college courses since he was 17 in high school, he really was a genius. His first semester, he met Mike Freze in the dorms, and from that moment on, both of their lives took a radical new direction. Paul filmed everything he did on his Hi-8 camcorder.  So he and Mike wrote candid sketches and devised elaborate traps for drunken dorm mates to fall into. And they got it all on film! Hundreds of hours of footage. This was the beginning of what would later be, The Aaron Gentass Show.

Paul worked with Mike over the next 7 years, acting both on camera and in front of live audiences, eventually writing two seasons of comedy show material together. The most notable performance being at a high profile sorority graduation party when Mike shaved Paul’s head live on stage in a barber shop sketch and then tased him with a 750,000 volt taser. Paul is a method actor to the extreme!  And like any Paul Rhodes expreince; the audience never saw anything like that before!   All they could do was laugh out loud.  Music to the ears.

Paul spent the next few years drawing up various inventions, studying engineering and raising a lovely family.  In 2004, during the Hatch Film Festival, when Mike was contracted to run the film committee, Paul took a leadership position and helped Mike run a crew of 40 student and professional filmmakers the following year. It was then that FrezeFrame Productions was officially born, and The Aaron Gentass Show would come to an end. In 2007, Paul moved to Portland, OR, and in 2008, Mike soon followed. For two years Mike and Paul lived in Portland, perusing their own passions, and working together on new projects.

The stories of Paul Rhodes are legendary. And if you are ever fortunate to come across his path, you yourself will be part of that legend. He is among the most purest of souls, full of curiosity, creativity, confidence, courage, honesty, consistency and loyalty. He is the best father a kid can have because he is completely secure and manages the challenge of being both a mentor and a friend to them.  It is these qualities and more that make him an irreplaceable asset to anyone lucky enough to know him.

Paul is now the corporate Product Manager for Miratron Inc., a leading remote electronics technologies company, based in Portland, OR.  He continues to consult regularly with FrezeFrame Productions.